Financial Planning
Having a financial road map is important in achieving your financial goals.

PLANNING.MY believes in spreading a message. A message that good financial literacy and proper planning will help millions of people in Malaysia to achieve financial security and freedom, without sacrificing the fulfillment of life purpose. This website is born out of this vision. We hope our sharing will lead to actions by you to take back the control of your life. If you have a good financial road map, you can get out of the rat race sooner than you think is possible.

We understand that professionals and business owners usually keep a busy schedule. Whether you are professionals such as doctors, lawyers, accountants, engineers, architects, or business owners, we want to help you to build your passive income, and create succession plan that will ensure smooth transition of wealth to your next of kin. We specialize in helping professionals and business owners in retirement planning and estate planning. Please leave your contact here to schedule for a need discovery discussion. We would like to understand your needs and concerns, so that we can work together to create a hoslitic plan that meets your special needs. We strongly believe that each individual is unique, and therefore you deserve a customized solution that can meet your specific needs.

Financial planning is like driving a car. You might own a car with powerful engine, but without a proper road map or GPS, you might not reach your destination. So buckle up and let’s enjoy the journey together!

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